People Look Around! Georgia Anne Muldrow is Here to Stay!

9 Oct

Georgia Anne Muldrow is the Queen of underground Soul music. She has a powerhouse voice that can go toe-to-toe with any mainstream singer, lyrics that act as a finely tuned poetic symphony of thought, and so much soul it radiates through your veins. Georgia Anne was born into a musical household; her father was an instrument inventor for Eddie Harris, and her mother was a singer with the Pharoah Sanders Ensemble. Georgia’s early releases were put out on Stones Throw Records, but she and her husband Dudley Perkins really started to self release their work via their label SomeOthaShip Connect in 2007-08.

This year alone has been incredible for Georgia Anne Muldrow. She released an amazing socially and spiritually conscious album entitled, Seeds, produced by Madlib. She just released a remix of Meshell Ndegeocello on The Robert Glasper Experiment’s Black Radio Recovered The Remix EP. Georgia Anne is turning heads left and right and it’s going to be hard for the underground to keep her for much longer. The music, like her persona, is infectious.

Make sure when you listen to Seeds by Georgia Anne Muldrow you pay close attention to the following tracks. These are some of my favorites:

1.     Seeds: The title track and first song on the album is an epic funky opener. It focuses on the importance of caring for the youth; their education, health, and nourishment. If we don’t take care for them, we don’t care about ourselves or our future; a topic that is becoming far more common with Teachers Strikes on the rise and public education threatened.

2.     Wind: Tells the story of a fisherman who cares about his family and community, and the message he leaves before he passes.

3.     Best Love: This track has powerful lyrics: “Heard they bombed in Libya/ Put me in a mood/Heard they bombed in Africa, it put me in a mood/You and me, we can make a difference if we try now”

Georgia Anne Muldrow graciously agreed to do an interview with Mass Frequency. Read it below. Also be sure to follow the blog and leave a comment to be entered for a chance to win a copy of Seeds by Georgia Anne Muldrow on CD. Contest closes October 23, 2012!

Mass Frequency: How long have you been making music and when did you know you path was in singing?

Georgia Anne Muldrow: I’ve loved music all my life…i think i was about 15 when i knew i was going to sing. i almost fainted!

Mass Frequency: How have you struggled in life and music and how have you progressed?

Georgia Anne Muldrow: Weed and alcohol in exorbitant amounts definitely was a tall hurdle to overcome. and even now i wonder , “is my music better without it?” BUT I don’t wonder if I’m a better, more socially coherent, and less apathetic person without it though. I’ve been used to recording with what it is i got. sometimes it works, and sometimes i feel like I’ve outgrown the constant shift of resources that i have to work with. ain’t no major label budget blocking out weeks at the record plant. but there’s a perpetual rawness that comes with humble means and staring at your fridge crazy. so i just keep on going…’cause it ain’t over. There are issues that were always on my heart about this planet we share together. and the sharing of those issues are the content of my recording process. peep me post-armageddon with a rubber band guitar rig still screaming my eyes out…hahaha! I’ll make it work!

Mass Frequency: What are the ups and downs of working and creating a label with your husband?

Georgia Anne Muldrow: I mean the upside is that we totally answer to ourselves creatively. the downside is that we totally answer to ourselves creatively. it ain’t a walk in the park. it’s hard work. you have to learn something new each and every day.

Mass Frequency: When you sat down to create Seeds, when did Madlib enter the picture? Did you always know you wanted him to produce the album?

Georgia Anne Muldrow: Having Madlib on production was all Dudley’s idea. I hadn’t even considered it. and I always fight Dudley’s ideas initially, cause I’m stubborn about fulfilling orders on albums that I don’t think up by myself. but it was a pretty genius idea. I’ve never sung on any album like I did on this one. so much love to Dudley for tolerating me.

Mass Frequency: What mindset were you in when you were writing the album?

Georgia Anne Muldrow: I was in a very Black mindset. dashiki’ed brain synapses, you know. very much like the picture on the cover.

Mass Frequency: You have a remix featured on The Robert Glasper Experiment’s “Black Radio Recovered The Remix EP,” Talk about the track and why you chose the Meshell Ndegeocello song specifically?

Georgia Anne Muldrow: man…I did bout five different versions for that because I wanted to give Brother Robert something special.Me’shell N’degeocello been my hero since I was 10. Was nervous as hell. It was a blessing to even be asked to do it.

Mass Frequency: Who or what pushes you as an artists? Who is your muse?

Georgia Anne Muldrow: Dudley pushes me the most. When i don’t think that i can make another record, he’s like a sergeant running beside me saying, “you can’t possibly be THAT soft. thought you was rollin.” we warriors in that sense. blackness is my muse. i hear everything in it. when i close my eyes, what i see inspires me.

Mass Frequency: What do you stand for socially, politically and spiritually?

Georgia Anne Muldrow: Justice. Love. A prison-less reality for all people. The concept that we all exist to improve. Protecting and restoring the Black Mind from assault at every angle. Music as an ancient science and technology to move hearts in productive directions. Mother/Father Nature.

Mass Frequency: Who are you collaborating with currently and who do you want to work with in the future?

Georgia Anne Muldrow: I’m a collaborative junkie. Do it all the time with all kinds of folks. but i think the latest collaboration that I’m so honored to share is with DJ Romes on this project called The Black House. He is a true master librarian of music – brotha got unbelievable taste…that project comes out late october/november. I would love to work with Dr. Maddvibe, TV On The Radio, Bahamadia, SWV, Azaelia Banks, Ladybug Mecca, Aisha Sekhmet, Chucho Valdez, Frank Ocean and Dr. Ray Wilson….and a thousand mo’ awesome folks!

 Interview by: Marcus Foster

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  1. Jocelyn October 9, 2012 at 3:06 pm #

    Awesome interview! Loved learning about her and her music.


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